Hi. I am a software developer specializing in maps and data visualizations. The following is not so much a portfolio as it is a repository for things I've made - be they released projects or snippets of code. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just want to get in touch.

Trulia Housing Barometer
Trulia Housing Barometer
D3 visualization for Trulia Trends
North American Environmental Atlas
N.A. Environmental Atlas
OpenLayers, custom projection, GreenInfo Network
Trulia Housing Barometer
America's Most Irish Towns
D3 map for Trulia Trends
Conservation Lands Network
Conservation Lands Network
OpenLayers, google charts api, custom cloudmade base, GreenInfo Network
UTFGrid interactions on google maps v3
view code on github
Climate stations
Climate Stations
TileMill, utfgrid interactions
MADD map
D3 map using data from MADD
Before After photo viewer
Before and After
D3 photo viewer/slider example